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My Vision

I dream of Bhagalpur becoming the role model of Bihar. We have been taking a number of initiatives and measures for the development of the city. From construction of roads to women empowerment, we are making sure that no stone is left unturned in providing Bhagalpur a better future.


The pace of development in Bhagalpur has been quite rough in the past. I believe it is time to focus on the mutual dream we share for the betterment of the city. We plan on providing a better quality of life for the people of Bhagalpur and look ahead to a smart and progressive city. Our major plans include, increasing safety, developing the infrastructure, cleaning the city and various other measures to achieve the ultimate goal. The goal is to build a Bhagalpur that offers a bright future for the citizens they can look up to. To realize this goal, we need our people to stand by us and help us with a little support.

Join the Movement

Zealous and motivated partakers are always welcome to give us a hand in creating the dream of a ‘smart city’ a reality.

Every individual counts. Join to help us realize our mutual dream of a better city, together. Make yourself count and help move a step forward for the good.

     Collectively, we can make it happen. Do you want to join?

Urban Planning (Smart City Project)

Four Points traffic lighting system installed with the arrangement of red & green signals at crucial places.


Initiation of Smart Sadak Yojana which includes construction of roads in Bhagalpur, concrete toilets and arrangement of garbage management systems.

Woman Empowerment

Special fund for self – employment for widows and neglected/abandoned women in process.


‘Clean Bhagalpur’ Initiative

A solid waste management drive initiated to keep the streets and houses of Bhagalpur clean.

Sanitation & Waste Management

Engaged in the construction of the Sewage Treatment Plant at Bhagalpur.


Planning installation of 2,000 cameras to monitor every activity in the city.


Stay Tuned

I would like to stay connected with every resident in my constituency.
This blog is a small attempt at keeping you updated on all the new developments, projects, schemes and proposals.

We Work Transparent & Hard

We have been working day and night with the aim of making Bhagalpur a city with a bright future. The uphill battle we put into the making of the city would show the results soon.


We have a lot of things lined up for 2018-19 and are planning to appoint talented and hardworking individuals to fast track our progress. If you think your vision and love for Bhagalpur is same as ours, get in touch with us on rajeshverma@gmail.com

Progressive Bhagalpur
We need the support of our fellow citizens to reach our mutual goals of a progressive Bhagalpur.
Infrastructure development
From Initiation to execution of various yojanas, help us with a hand.
Clean Bhagalpur
How are we supposed to clean Bhagalpur if you don’t help us with your initiatives?
We are working day and night in increasing the safety of our citizens.