Rajesh Verma

Deputy Mayor Of Bhagalpur
Mr. Rajesh Verma has been elected as the deputy mayor of Bhagalpur. Since the term of his office, he has been taking a lot of initiatives for the development of Bhagalpur. He has been bringing a huge change in the small town and has also been boosting the growth of the city, furthermore. He has been trying to improve the quality of the life of the people living there by taking hand over various issues and taking required initiatives. Mr. Verma has been giving in his blood and sweat to make Bhagalpur the role model of Bihar. Out of the number of initiatives he has taken for the welfare of the city, some happen to be, Sanitation and Waste Management, the Clean Bhagalpur Initiative, Smart Sadak Yojna, Smart City Project. He is of the belief that for the development of the city, the most important step is the participation of the public for the same. He further, believes that in a citizen-friendly city like Bhagalpur, there is accessibility across the city making the people connected. His vision is to build a healthy and resilient city where a healthy lifestyle is promoted. He has been working day and night for the benefit of the people and the city as a whole, which surely will give desirable results soon!