Emplacement of Dumping Grounds: No to litter.

Emplacement of Dumping Grounds: No to litter.

Being one of the largest towns and oldest districts in Bihar, Bhagalpur is known as the silk city of Bihar. It is a major commercial, educational and political center. Under the second list announced by Union urban development, Bhagalpur has been credited as a smart city. There are certain issues that need to be taken care of though, in order to make Bhagalpur, a developed city. The deputy mayor has been bringing the issues in front of the public eye and has been taking relevant steps to overcome the same.

The deputy mayor of Bhagalpur, Mr. Rajesh Verma has been looking into the cleanliness program for the city, quite seriously. He has been searching for dumping grounds in order for the public to dump the garbage under one roof and prevent the littering in random places in the city. This can play quite a significant role towards the beginning of a clean and hygienic Bhagalpur. But, the citizens have been reluctant in accepting the same. Recently, when the concerned people went with the tractor to drop the garbage, the natives showed tremendous aggression against the same. When promised, about the sprinkling of bleaching powder and the coverage of the garbage, only then, the natives were found to have calmed down.

Mr. Rajesh Verma takes an oath on creating a clean and hygienic Bhagalpur. He asks people to collect the garbage of their homes and throw it in the dumping grounds. He further says that, it is the duty of the people to keep a check on the cleanliness of their societies and report to the concerned people, in case any garbage found in the society. In regards of the same, Mr. Verma also started a program named, “Ghar-ghar Dastak Abhiyan”. With a form containing 5 questions, he is visiting every house in different wards, one on one. The 5 questions refer, queries regarding the working of the dumping program. Questions include, if the concerned persons come at their houses in the morning and collect the garbage, where do the people throw the garbage of their home and more relating the same. The answers are generously evaluated and the work relating the same is followed, accordingly.

The issue of dumping has become a matter of serious concern, lately. Mr. Rajesh Verma says, “Cleanliness is necessary for the city as well as the residents. The city could be made clean by the participation of the public. He further comments on making the city the role model of Bihar. Only when the society is in the favor of the same and tends to support the issue, can the dream of a clean Bhagalpur flourish.”  Emplacement of dumping grounds would make sure that the town remains clean and thus, also avoid certain diseases. When the public starts taking this seriously, and stops littering garbage in any random place, and choose the dumping grounds for the same, then, very soon, a drastic change could be observed regarding the cleanliness of the city. When the city remains free of garbage, eventually the public health tends to improve, eventually improving the lifestyle of the public.

Mr. Rajesh Verma tends to prove his caliber and the concern for the city through his deeds. Instead of bluffing about concerns for certain significant issues, he has been seen taking thorough steps for the same

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