The Practice of Yoga To Connect Spiritually

The Practice of Yoga To Connect Spiritually

International Yoga Day is annually celebrated on 21st of June since its inception in 2015. This day is entirely devoted to the achievement of spiritual health and people all across the world celebrate Yoga. The idea behind the celebration of the day is to educate and raise awareness about spiritual health, achievement of mental and physical stability through the practice of Yoga. The ultimate goal of Yoga is to help the individual surpass their selves and achieve epiphany.

Our very own Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has pushed for the annual event to be held worldwide after he came to power in 2014. People across are celebrating the fourth International Day of Yoga by practising it and bringing a positive influence to the people around them for everyone to have a healthy and happy life.

Bihar is one of the oldest states in India with a rich cultural heritage and is also popularly called, The Land of Buddha. With such historical and spiritual connection, the people of Bihar should also take up to practising and promoting ancient tradition Yoga. Bihar attracts many tourists from across the world. The warm welcome and hospitality of the local people lure many tourists throughout the year. With Yoga, the people of the state can introduce people from outside the country a pathway to positive changes in body and mind. Some of the Yoga Asanas, we can practice daily to build up the habit are listed below:

  • Kapalbhati Yoga Asana: Kapalbhati Pranayama is a breathing yoga exercise which cures the stomach disorder completely and helps losing weight. Practising 5 minutes of the asana every day helps remove toxins and increases metabolism.
  • Sirsasana: This asana helps to cure insomnia if regularly practised. It also improves concentration powers & brings mental balance. People suffering from frequent headaches are also recommended the same.
  • Dhanurasana: This asana is very effective in weight loss programs. It improves flexibility, strength, and balance. It also reduces sleep disturbances, hypertension, stress, and anxiety.
  • Trikonasana: The Trikonasana strengthens the muscles and improves the body functions. This Yoga is especially recommended for pregnant women as this helps in reducing blood pressure, stress and anxiety.
  • Tadasana: This asana also known as mountain pose helps in increasing height. Practising this asana regularly gives a good massage to hands, spine and the whole body.

Yoga is not just twisting and turning but it is a mechanism which brings one in a state where they can experience spiritualism. Regular practice of Yoga helps in achieving equilibrium, making everything one- the union that Yoga creates.

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